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Widening Involvement

Widening public involvement in dialogue




This short paper summarises the findings from research on ‘up-scaling’ - the issue of large scale engagement. The explorative research addresses the questions why policymakers tend to favour processes that involve large numbers of people and how such processes can achieve better outcomes.

It aims to help policy makers think about whether, why and how they should involve larger numbers of people in the discussion of policy and policy-making. It provides:

•    summary descriptions of three types of process that involve contact between government and citizens regarding policy that are commonly described as ‘engagement’;
•    an overview of the motivations that lead policy makers to decide that these processes need to be scaled up; and
•    conclusions and recommendations on when and how up-scaling can improve engagement and deliver value for money.

This report is one of a series of six covering research undertaken by Sciencewise. The workstreams aim to explore specific aspects of public and stakeholder engagement resulting in guidance for policy makers who want to engage people within their policy area.


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