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What we offer

Sciencewise offers support and guidance on the involvement and engagement with the public as part of a decision or policy making process.

Sciencewise has established a wealth of evidence on the value of public dialogue in policy involving science and technology. Our aim is to ensure that this expertise is available across Government and its agencies ensuring best practice in the commissioning and implementation of dialogue.

Sciencewise offers:

  • One to one advice on public engagement and dialogue. Our specialists will discuss and advise you on the opportunities for involving the public. This will advise on the optimum approach, is dialogue the right approach for you? What means of engaging the public is most appropriate given your requirements. What policy areas would benefit from early dialogue with the public
  • Advice and guidance on all aspects of best practice in dialogue with the public. Where dialogue represents the best option, our specialists will advise on how to optimise the engagement with the public. How should the issue be framed? What is it that you want to understand from the public? What is the role for digital techniques? What type of deliberative dialogue is suited to your needs?
  • Financial support of upto 50% of the cost of undertaking dialogue. For Governemnt Departments and Agencies, BIS funding allows Sciencewise to provide up to 50% of the total costs of carrying out deliberative dialogue with the public. We can advise on the preparation of a case for support, and advise on the selection criteria for award of funding to selected projects.
  • Support to the successful management and delivery of dialogue projects. Our specialists will help you throughout the implementation of your dialogue project. We can advise on dealing with issues that may arise throughout your project. We can help with the management of stakeholders and ensuring that they are engaged in a positive manner. We can advise on dealing with the media. We are also able to advise on the procurement, management, delivery and evaluation of your project.
  • Mentoring and training to individuals and / or teams to help raise understanding and appreciation of the value and the opportunities for dialogue. Sciencewise has a wealth of expertise on public dialogue. We are able to provide
    1. one to one coaching of individuals to assist in assessing or delivering dialogue
    2. team workshops to introduce the value of dialogue, or to detail and assess particular opportunities
    3. Departmental seminars / workshops to share experience and raise awareness of the benefits and approach to dialogue with the public.
  • All Sciencewise-funded projects are carried out in line with the Government’s Approach to Public Dialogue on Science and Technology (Guiding Principles). These set out how good quality dialogue should be done and what, and who it should involve.

    Sciencewise also provides general dialogue training and mentoring to policy makers across Government departments involved in science and technology policy issues. We are actively engaged with central Government, its agencies, and executive, advisory and non-departmental public bodies.