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Two dialogues informs update to river basin management plans

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The Environment Agency has published a summary of the steps taken nationally and locally to ensure appropriate public consultation and engagement for the review and update of river basin management plans.

The public dialogue on Significant Water Management Issues, commissioned by the Environment Agency (with Sciencewise support) is covered as part of the process, in the section on 'Involvement in the planning process'.

The summary describes the dialogue as part of that process:

"Public dialogue on significant water management issues. In order to gather views from the public to feed in to the RBMPs, the Environment Agency held a series of workshops of 8 workshops between September and November 2013, in different locations across England. They were facilitated by experts in public engagement and were designed to prompt discussion and seek views around some of the key issues in water management."

The summary also refers to the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) to water management, which was also developed with a public dialogue strand supported by Sciencewise (Water Quality and Sustainability). The summary describes the importance of engagement to this approach:

"Since March 2011 Defra, the Environment Agency and a variety of other organisations have been developing a Catchment Based Approach (CaBA). Central to CaBA is engagement of local stakeholders to establish common ownership of problems and their solutions, building partnerships to implement actions at the local level."

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