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The use of experts in public dialogue




This report explores how experts have been involved in public dialogue on science and technology issues in the past and investigates how they could be used more effectively in the future.

The report assumes that the case for public dialogue in science is universally understood and accepted. However, there are also other drivers that prompt the examination of the role and involvement of experts. The main ones are:

•    Helping to shape the future direction of science, technology and innovation including how they are developed and governed in line with society’s expectations
•    Creating opportunities for people to engage more effectively in scientific developments so that social values can help shape decisions alongside technical and scientific considerations (as advocated in 2000 through the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology)
•    Encouraging scientists to engage with, listen to, and learn from public views and values.

This report is one of a series of six covering research undertaken by Sciencewise. The workstreams aim to explore specific aspects of public and stakeholder engagement resulting in guidance for policy makers who want to engage people within their policy area.

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