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The European Commission’s Engage 2020 project recommends Sciencewise training on the added value of public engagement

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The Engage2020 programme paper D4.1 on Policy options for engagement in science and innovation within the framework of Horizon2020 recommends Sciencewise training as an example of training on the added value of public engagement processes.

The report outlines four areas where the public can be involved in science research and innovation: policy formation; programme development; definition of an R&I project; and direct engagement on research activities. Sciencewise is cited as a good example of how to conduct training and capacity building to support programme development. It suggests that, for programme development, training options could be integrated, and suggests this could be done:

“By the development of training measures for the staff of the relevant administrative bodies and experts involved in the commission, e.g. training on the added value of PE-processes for policy making as well as limits of their contribution (a national example would be the training measures of the UK Sciencewise programme)”