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Strong early endorsement of the Sciencewise quality framework for public dialogue

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The new Sciencewise Quality in Public Dialogue. A framework for assessing the quality of public dialogue was published as a working paper at the end of March 2015 ( The draft of the paper had been shared throughout the Sciencewise team and with external academics, practitioners and civil servants and comments and suggestions received and incorporated.

Defra has been especially supportive, presenting the first draft to the joint DECC/Defra Social Science Expert Panel on 25 February. The Panel commented that it was

•  a "superb document and very helpful"
•  "really fantastic and comprehensive" and
•  "much better than the Rowe and Frewer checklist".

The Panel also made suggestions for additions and changes.

Other comments on the first draft (alongside detailed suggestions) also included the following:

•  "It really is a very useful document" (academic)
•  "Really positive and exciting step" (academic)
•  "Its really good - it all looks immensely useful" (contractor)
•  "This is a really useful paper" (contractor)