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Sciencewise Supplier Workshop

Below are slides from the Sciencewise Supplier Workshop on 11 March 2015.

Hosted by Robin Clarke, Sciencewise Dialogue and Engagement Specialist, the workshop brought together dialogue practitioners and suppliers from a variety of areas to discuss how to develop dialogue with the aim of increasing its use by policy makers and improve the procurement process. The event also provided a useful networking opportunity for suppliers to meet and share their experiences and knowledge.

During the two-hour workshop, delegates discussed:
•    the future development of dialogue and the future market for dialogue services
•    their dialogue plans for 2015 onwards as they currently stand
•    establishing public dialogue standards
•    the pressures that policy makers face and what this might mean for dialogue approaches
•    the procurement processes most used by dialogue commissioners
•    what a successful proposal might look like

Presentation slides

By Robin Clarke, Sciencewise Dialogue and Engagement Specialist.