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Sciencewise recognised in written answer to parliamentary question on mitochondrial replacement

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On 20th January 2015, William McCrea, then DUP MP for South Antrim and DUP Spokesperson for Justice and Home Affairs, asked the Secretary of State for Health, what steps he was taking to ensure that there is adequate public consultation and discussion before a decision is taken by Parliament on permitting mitochondrial transfer.

The written answer, from Jane Ellison as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, provides links to the report of the consultation / dialogue on the HFEA website and says that

"A number of public consultation exercises have taken place on the subject of permitting the use of mitochondrial donation techniques in clinical practice", including that "Between July and December 2012 the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, with support from the Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre, undertook an extensive United Kingdom public dialogue/consultation exercise, which had a number of strands including a deliberative public workshop, public representative survey, open consultation meetings, open consultation questionnaire and patient focus group."

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