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Sciencewise new Quality Framework published to positive feedback

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The new Framework for Assessing the Quality of Public Dialogue was circulated to 79 individuals during May 2015 including participants who discussed the framework at the Sciencewise Suppliers Day in march 2015 (29); all Sciencewise DESs; those who made comments on earlier drafts (8) and those on the Sciencewise evaluators list (23). Initial feedback has all been positive:

"What an excellent piece of work! My compliments to all those involved." The Consultation Institute

"I've only had time to glance through it but it looks great" BBSRC

"At first glance I think it'll provide great guidance for evaluators." Evaluator

"It is good and will be helpful to all the different stakeholders. Your questions on page 5 are just those I struggled with during the ... evaluation!"