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Sciencewise industrial biotechnology dialogue referenced in new paper on bio-based economy

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A new paper in the journal Ecological Economics references the 2009 Sciencewise dialogue on perceptions on industrial biotechnology.

It states: “Results from a study on the public’s perceptions towards industrial biotechnology demonstrated that participants are distrustful of governments’ and industries motives for going bio-based.”

The author’s abstract for this article states: “Attempts are made to move from a fossil fuel based economy to a bio-based economy. A bio-based economy needs a bio-minded society since the required actions are of a collective scale. Engagement of civic society is crucial but disregarded by some of the advocates of the bio-based turn. Connecting society to this complex transition is difficult and so far insufficient. In this paper we consider and explore the value of emotions for strengthening public engagement. We argue for a mentality change with regard to the potential role of citizens in a bio-based economy.”

'Bio-basing society by including emotions', Ecological Economics, Vol 116 (April 2015), by Susanne Sleenhoff, Laurens Landeweerd and Patricia Osseweijer