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Sciencewise contribution to the Engage 2020 Conference in Brussels

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Sciencewise was represented by Involve at the Engage2020 conference in Brussels in November 2015. Engage 2020 is a European Commission funded research project focused on sharing best practice in engaging the public about responsible research and innovation. The project culminated in the Brussels conference which provided an opportunity to collaborate with and share best practice across the member states of the EU”s borders about effective engagement on responsible research and innovation.

How best to engage citizens in science and technology issues was an ongoing theme throughout the conference, including recognising that understanding the purpose of the engagement process is essential to understanding the best and most effective tools to be used.

The Sciencewise work was presented to the conference session on the Future of Engagement, and covered Sciencewise work on piloting online deliberation through the Sounding Board, working to train policy makers on deliberative dialogue, as well as summarising the programme's 10 years of experience of delivering high quality dialogue on cutting edge issues such as nanotechnology, synthetic biology, big data, climate change and mitochondrial replacement.

Following the conference, Involve published a blog on the event and input on Sciencewise, which was  positively received and circulated by relevant networks including the Wellesley Institute of Canada, VIE and Living Knowledge (the International Science Shops Network), as well as by Engage2020 itself.