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Sciencewise co-funded project 2006-2007


sciencehorizons provided the opportunity for citizens to respond to possible future scenarios and share their hopes and fears about specific technologies and general trends. Find out more about the project background.

Impacts & Value

•   Effective exploration with the public on the same set of issues using different techniques

•   Provided evidence of the extent to which the engagement technique affects people’s views

•   Substantive findings presented to policy makers. Findings included in a cross departmental mapping of where policy “homes” lie.


Project Status

This project is now complete. Find out more to the right.

Policy Maker View

“Public dialogue improves and strengthens relations between citizens and the state – a relationship that needs strengthening.”
Policy maker

What the public said

“I feel more involved, knowledgeable and informed on where to find information.”
“It gave me the opportunity to explore the future and put into perspective where the technology really is and not what the media tell me.”

Delivered By

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS)
The commissioning agent is the Horizon Scanning Centre of the Government Office for Science as part of its programme on Wider Implications of Science and Technology (WIST)

Dialogue by Design
Lead dialogue contractor. Dialogue by Design specialises in running public and stakeholder engagement processes using online, paper-based and face-to-face methods.

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