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Public ‘well-being’ dialogues to engage WWCW users around three policy themes

Sciencewise co-funded project 2015


A What Works Centre for Wellbeing (WWCW) is being established and is a critical part of the government’s plans to enable proactive consideration of wellbeing drawing on the best scientific evidence available. Its role is to bridge between the evidence and practical decision making on the ground.

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Impacts & Value

Wellbeing public dialogues delivery plan demonstrates immediate impact – February 2016

Wellbeing public dialogues – what you have told us and what we are doing - February 2016

Project Status

Evaluation report published – March 2016

Public dialogue report published - February 2016

Analysis and report writing - December 2015

Dialogue activities ongoing - July 2015

Dialogue design phase has commenced - June 2015

Delivery and evaluation contractors appointed - May 2015

Delivery and Evaluation being tendered - February 2015

What the public said

“In difficult times, instead of saying you’re different appreciate every-one’s differences. I live in X and when it’s Eid my Muslim neighbours bring round food and when it's Christmas we give them a box of chocolates and vice versa so it's nice to be able to celebrate and learn about each other’s cul-tures as opposed to being segregated. That will help you stand together in tougher times.”
“I like to keep learning. It keeps my mind fresh, even if it's nothing to do with anything useful.”
“I think that any information that’s gathered at these workshops needs to be shared as widely as possible and it needs to go up to government.”

Delivered By

Public Health England
Public Health England (PHE) is an executive agency of the Department of Health and is commissioning this public dialogue.

Hopkins Van Mil
Hopkins Van Mil facilitate engagement to gain insight and offer solutions for participation; public dialogue and community engagement, and is the delivery contractor for the dialogue.

Ursus Consulting
Evaluation Contractor. Ursus Consulting specialises in providing advice on sustainable development, economic development, environmental policy, climate change and the low carbon economy to clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

WWCW funding partners (includes the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and a range of Government Departments and public bodies.)