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Public views on regenerative medicine

Executive summary

This report summarises public views on regenerative medicine over the last 5 years. The discussion tends to be around specific techniques within regenerative medicine such as stem cell research rather than regenerative medicine as a whole.

The main source of public views on this topic are a UK based stem cell public dialogue, two European studies, and many US studies, of which two has been included here for reference. In addition there are many media articles and fora on aspects of regenerative medicine.

The main conclusions from this review are that:
•    The majority of the public support regenerative medicine providing that is subject to strict regulatory constraint, and that support is increasing with time.
•    Within regenerative medicine there are specific techniques which are more well-known to the public and which have higher or lower support depending on the technique. For example adult stem cell research is supported over embryonic research.
•    Research that will lead to medical treatments is supported over research that will lead to cosmetic enhancement.
•    Treatments should be available to all rather than the rich.
•    Media tends to be overoptimistic in terms of timescales and potential results.


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The views and values of the public will change and new information will become available. Hence, we welcome your views, insights or comments.
•    Do you know of further evidence which we should include?
•    Do you have any comments or suggestions to improve the report?

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