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Public views on agri-technologies

Executive summary

Feeding a larger and wealthier population is perceived as a priority issue by the UK public although that does not necessarily imply support for increasing food production. Possible solutions in other aspects such as better food distribution and waste management and behavioural changes are seen to have a relevant role in tackling this challenge. Agriculture is considered to be beneficial for the environment, contribute to the beauty of the countryside and help to preserve and protect rural areas.

There are concerns about depletion of resources and competition for land between residential, agricultural and other uses. Mostly there is support for new agri-technologies, especially when they are framed as addressing specific societal needs. However, there is a gap in knowledge about the public preferences and trade-offs when comparing different technologies and approaches that tackle the challenge to feed the world population of 9 billion by 2050.

This report looks at published and evidence based public views on areas of agri-tech research as mentioned in the UK Strategy for agricultural technologies and about the food and farming supply chain more generally.

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Posted by Mario, 03/09/2014 10:42am (3 years ago)

Like any other word, science is best understood in relation to other words. On water Professor Brian Cox said, “... we don’t truly understand biology until we understand water’. Biology, or the science of life. According to Colin Spencer, ‘Our food begins with the earth’. Science is therefore earth science, or water or air science, a science of life essentials. Ways to engage with the public, opening a dialogue and the advice and guidance Sciencewise is planning to offer should be seen in this light. Everything is the object of our enquiry. Providing a useful term of reference is the following food definition: Food is the fons et origo of all human knowledge, of culture and traditions, trade, ecology and science. The food cycles, which are the same as the water and energy cycles, for instance, are akin to the learning and life cycles.

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