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Public views on advanced materials: nanomaterials and graphene

The government recently identified advanced materials as one of eight great technologies in which the UK can lead the world. This report, produced by Sciencewise, focuses on public views of one group of advanced materials – nanomaterials.

Executive summary

Even though the majority of the population is not familiar with nanotechnology and nanomaterials, there has been an increase in awareness about nanotechnology from 29% in 2004 to 48%  in 2011.

Common public views about this topic appear to be mainly positive but with major underlying concerns about:

- Risk, safety and regulation
- Applications, equity, empowerment.
- Public engagement and transparency


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The views and values of the public will change and new information will become available. Hence, we welcome your views, insights or comments.
•    Do you know of further evidence which we should include?
•    Do you have any comments or suggestions to improve the report?

Please make sure you share your views by commenting below.

*This report has also been published on the co-ment website to provide those with related insights, knowledge and understanding on the subject matter to input into the report, ensuring that Sciencewise has the best possible understanding of the views of the public on advanced materials: nanomaterials and graphene.


Posted by Alan Mercer, 13/06/2013 11:53am (1 year ago)

This is the first of a series of 'what the public says' papers from Sciencewise. Many thanks to colleagues for their research.

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