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Project guidance, tools and templates

Sciencewise-funded projects are commissioned directly by policy makers in line with Government priority areas for engagement in science and technology.

All Sciencewise co-funded projects must comply with ‘The Government’s Approach to Public Dialogue on Science and Technology’ – the Sciencewise ‘Guiding Principles’. Projects may also find it useful to refer to the new Sciencewise framework for assessing Quality in Public Dialogue.

The following documents provide background information and guidance on the Project Grant application process, the project commissioning process, and the delivery of funded projects.

For additional help contact the Sciencewise Projects Manager, James Tweed, at or telephone 01235 753 007.

SWP01: Guidance for Applicant
This document is for potential applicants for the Sciencewise Project Grant. It provides the background, eligibility criteria, and the application process.

SWP02: Requirements for Projects
This document is for project applicants and provides further guidance on what is required from each funded project. It describes invoicing, progress reporting, project materials, and media requirements.

SWP03: Business Case Template
This document is for the project applicant and provides a template on which to prepare a Business Case. It is the formal application for the Project Grant and is completed by the applicant. It describes the background to the project, the justification, anticipated timings and a provisional budget. If you are experiencing problems downloading this template, please try opening the link in Chrome or Firefox.

SWP04 Example Invitation To Tender
This document is for the project applicant and provides an example for a specification of work. This can be used by the applicant in the procurement process to appoint a delivery contractor for the project. If you are experiencing problems downloading this template, please try opening the link in Chrome or Firefox.

SWP05: Progress Report Template
This report template is for the project lead and provides an easy to use template to record progress on project activities. If you are experiencing problems downloading this template, please try opening the link in Chrome or Firefox.

SWP06: Final Report Guidance
This note provides guidance on final reporting of public dialogue projects for Sciencewise and should be considered alongside requirements of the body commissioning the dialogue project

SWP07: Requirements on Evaluating Sciencewise public dialogue projects
This document provides detail on the aims and objectives for evaluating Sciencewise projects, as well as some key questions for evaluating public dialogue within the Sciencewise, and some key principles for evaluation that need to be met in all circumstances.

SWP08: Evaluation in Sciencewise
This document introduces the Sciencewise approach to evaluation and summarises how and why evaluation works throughout the Sciencewise programme to help achieve and measure progress against its objective, which is "To improve policy making involving science and technology across Government by increasing the effectiveness with which public dialogue is used, and encouraging its wider use where appropriate".

SWP09: Project Grant: Support provided and summary of requirements
This document provides an overview of the grant support available through Sciencewise, details of the primary contacts for the programme and a summary of the funding requirements.

SWP010: Guidelines for Running Meetings and Workshops
This document provides guidelines on running productive meetings and workshops, including a list of 10 key points to bear in mind when planning.

SWP11: What input when?
Increasingly the timescales for policy-making and policy decisions are becoming tighter. The move to an Open Policy Making approach can make it difficult to know what additional sources of evidence from public and stakeholder engagement can be factored in within shorter policy timescales. This document seeks to offer advice about what can be done when to input the public voice to inform policy making.

SWP12: Capacity Building Menu
This document provides a summary of the capacity building services available from Sciencewise.