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Project evaluations

Every public dialogue project co-funded by Sciencewise is independently evaluated, as part of our overall commitment to accountability and to identifying lessons to help build good practice.

The independent evaluations of each public dialogue project are usually commissioned and managed by the government departments and other public bodies leading the public dialogue project. Sciencewise provides advice and support on these independent evaluations (see guidance note SWP07: Evaluating Sciencewise Public Dialogue Projects).

Sciencewise can help public bodies plan their evaluations by providing lists of evaluators that can be invited to tender for project evaluations (the list is for information only and does not imply recommendation), templates for evaluation specifications and Invitations to Tender, templates for assessing and scoring tenders, advice on key questions for the evaluation and on the evaluation research (e.g. questionnaires), and on the production of the final evaluation report.

Sciencewise can also offer a new framework for assessing the quality of public dialogue, which provides a series of questions to guide evaluation, and to provide briefing for commissioning bodies on the key questions that will arise about the design and delivery of any public dialogue project.

All project evaluations are published by the public body leading the public dialogue projects, and by Sciencewise. A full list of evaluations published to date is here. The findings from the evaluations are fed into the case study that is published on each dialogue project co-funded by Sciencewise, and into good practice notes to help improve public dialogue design and delivery in future.

Sciencewise also revisits each project annually, to explore the longer term impacts of the dialogue project on policy and on the organisation that has run the dialogue, and to identify any further lessons on good practice that have become clearer over time. More details on this area of evaluation are here.