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Project evaluations

All independent evaluations of public dialogue projects co-funded by Sciencewise are published by the government department or other public body leading the project, and by Sciencewise.

The full list of published evaluations of Sciencewise-funded public dialogue projects  is shown below.

Sciencewise programme evaluations include overviews of project evaluations and updates on project impacts. Reports from 2011 and 2013 are available here.


Bioenergy (interim report)
Public Perception of Industrial Biotechnology
Openness in animal research
Synthetic Biology
Synthetic Biology (interim report)

Energy and Climate Change

The Big Energy Shift
Living with Environmental Change Citizens' Advisory Forum
Low Carbon Communities Challenge
Energy 2050 Pathways
Planet under Pressure Youth Voice evaluation case study
Trajectories for carbon emission reductions
Review of the Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS) Siting process
Public engagement in shale gas and oil developments


Cambrian Mountains Natural Wealth - Landscape and Ecosystems Futures and Perceptions across a transitional landscape in the Cambrian Mountains
Citizens Advisory Forum for Living with Environmental Change (LWEC)
Landscape and ecosystem futures
Citizen Dialogue on Bovine TB
Significant Water Management Issues: Engaging the public on the big issues affecting the water environment




Animals containing human material
HRA Patient and Public Views
Hybrid and Chimera Embryos
Mitochondria replacement
Openness in animal research
Stem cell dialogue
Developing Stratified Medicine

Information Management and Use

Forensic Use of DNA Citizens Enquiry
Public dialogue on data openness, data re-use and data management



Public Engagement Practice

Democs - Bed of Roses report

Regulation and Governance

Longitude 2014
Rothamsted Research


Embedding wellbeing science in decision-making
Ways to Wellbeing