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Over 1,000 visits to webpage on report of results of public dialogue on the UK National Ecosystem Assessment

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The report of the Sciencewise-funded public dialogue project on the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) was published in June 2015 and the results have been publicised on the science news service on 23 June 2015. By end of June 2015, there had been over 1,000 visits to the main page (total 1,046), with over 600 unique views (604).

The detailed article, based on the press release from the University of Exeter (which designed and delivered the project), describes the events and the key findings from the project. The results of the dialogue identified include that people value their natural environment and support the need for making a strong economic case for the environment but not to think of the natural environment as a bottomless pit but as something that helps us to function and therefore the need to cherish it.

The article also picks up on the need identified in the dialogue for more active and creative involvement of local communities in decision, and the role of government and publicly funded research, concluding that decision making should prioritise long term public gain, seeing risks in decisions being driven by financial concerns and commercial interests.

The article uses the quote from the University of Exeter press release from Simon Kerley, Head of Terrestrial Sciences at NERC and chair of the dialogue's oversight group. He welcomed the report and said:

"This was a wide ranging and thorough dialogue process that offers us original insight into public aspirations and concerns about the natural environment and helps us to reflect on how science and policy might be developed to meet and address them. The dialogue has offered us a new dimension and evidence base to help inform our work, such as through the NERC led Valuing Nature research programme."

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