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Nuclear industry supports more public dialogue

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In July 2014, the Nuclear Industry Council (NIC) published In the Public Eye. Nuclear Energy and Society. The report refers to "a need for dialogue and not a one-way communication approach ... dialogue needs to understand issues that are uppermost in the public mind and to respond to these more effectively" (p 5). The report cites Sciencewise report The Road Ahead (2009).

The work included a review of best practice in public engagement, reported in Annex 1, which concludes that "The implications of this to enhancing public engagement with nuclear energy is that the sector must provide space and opportunities for conversation: dialogue is a two-way process, involving engagement between those who may hold different views on nuclear energy" (p 15)

Steve Robinson, Sciencewise DES was a member of the NIC Public Understanding of nuclear energy workstream that produced the report, and he inputted to early drafts of the engagement elements in this document and then to the proposed nuclear Concordat for the NIC which resulted from this early work. The National Nuclear Laboratory are now (April 2015) leading on a business case for a public dialogue on the Concordat.