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New book draws on ESRC Seminar series which included Sciencewise-supported final workshop

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A new book, edited by Jason Chilvers and Matthew Kearnes, cites Jason's earlier work for Sciencewise, published as 'Sustainable Participation?'.

The book itself  'Remaking Participation. Science, Environment and Emergent Publics' grew from a series of seminars Jason co-ordinated in 2009 - 2011 on 'critical public engagement', funded by the ESRC.

The final workshop of the series, at the Royal Society, was undertaken in collaboration with Sciencewise - and the Sciencewise Dialogue Director and Evaluation Manager helped facilitate that event as a participatory workshop  to draw out the wider implications for theory and reflexive practice.

The aim of the seminar series overall was to "consolidate a new research agenda that is more constructively critical about the potentials and pitfalls of public engagement in science and environmental risk'. The series worked by "bringing together an interdisciplinary range of social scientists, in collaboration with scientists, participatory practitioners and policy makers".

The seminars are reported separately; this new book builds on the seminars but is "more scholarly and academic in emphasis", although "the core ideas of the book are firmly grounded in, shaped by and reflect the spirit of the seminar series".

Remaking Participation. Science, Environment and Emergent Publics
, edited by Jason Chilvers and Matthew Kearnes, Routledge in November 2015.