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National Concordat on openness in animal research (informed by public dialogue) informs priorities for Babraham Research Institute public dialogue

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The Babraham Institute (BI) public dialogue took openness in animal research as one of priorities for discussion as a result of BI commitment to the new Concordat on Openness in Animal Research. The Concordat itself was developed in association with a public dialogue.

The public dialogue on the Concordat was commissioned by the Medical Research Council in 2013 - 2014, with Sciencewise support, to ensure the development of the Concordat reflected the issues of greatest interest to the public.

That dialogue project was completed successfully and the Concordat was launched on 14 May 2014 with 72 signatories including the major players in the life science sector. The Concordat continues to influence those in the life science field.

The Babraham Institute (BI) is a world-leader in life science research, generating new knowledge about the biological mechanisms underpinning ageing, development and the maintenance of health and wellbeing.  In May 2015, BI launched its own public dialogue project, with Sciencewise support, to inform BI's scientific and public engagement strategies. The internal interim evaluation report on the dialogue points out that the inclusion of the topic of animal research was a choice by BI as a result of "their commitment to the Concordat on Openness in Animal Research".

The Babraham Institute dialogue is due to be completed shortly, and the final evaluation report is expected to be published in December 2015.

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