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My 2050 tool referenced in Global Environmental Change journal

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The Sciencewise funded My 2050 scenario tool for development low carbon energy pathways is referenced in a paper presenting the results of a study of public attitudes and acceptability with regards to energy transitions. The paper refers to the study by Professor Nick Pidgeon and others which ran deliberative workshops using the completed My 2050 scenario tool to “provide a whole systems perspective", building on the Energy 2050 Pathways dialogue project supported by Sciencewise and completed in 2011.

The author’s abstract for this article states: “It is widely accepted that transformations in energy systems will be essential in realising low carbon energy transitions. In this paper we discuss the importance of framing the question of public acceptance of sustainable energy transitions in terms of values and a ‘whole-system’ lens. This assertion is based on findings arising from a major research project examining public values, attitudes and acceptability with regards to whole energy system change using a mixed-method (six deliberative workshops, n = 68, and a nationally representative survey, n = 2441), interdisciplinary approach.”

'Public values for energy system change' in Global Environmental Change, Vol 34 (June 2015), by Christina Demski, Catherine Butler, Karen A Park hill, Alexa Spence, Nick F Pidgeon.