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Mapping the new terrain: public dialogue on science and technology

Sciencewise anthology exploring how a range of changes are affecting the relationship between Government, science and society.

Executive summary

Sciencewise has been at the forefront of the changing relationship between science, Government and society since 2005. In 2009, it published an edited anthology by leading thinkers in the field of public engagement, science and society. In contributing to ‘The Road Ahead’, the authors drew on the experience of the previous decades of the changing relationship between society and Government.

The authors offered their thoughts about the why, where, what, who and how of public dialogue with policy involving science and technology. In doing so, they recognised how far the UK has travelled on the road towards genuine dialogue, but that the hard work still lay ahead.

For this companion collection to ‘The Road Ahead’, a number of leading thinkers were asked to explore how a range of changes are affecting the relationship between Government, science and society. The changes they explore include changes to the way Government works, to technology and science, and to wider society. They were asked to describe the changes and identify what they think this means for Government departments wanting to open up genuine dialogue with the public about the implications of scientific research, innovation and development.

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Individual chapters can also be accessed as seperate blog posts: 

Civil service reform and the public, by Jill Rutter

Deliberation and localism, by Liz Richardson,

‘What Works’ and public dialogue, by Jonathan Breckon

Transparency and open data, by Tim Davies,

Complexity, Public Policy & Public Dialogue, by Greg Fisher

Overcoming disengagement: The promise and challenge of public dialogue, by Tim Hughes and Diane Warburton


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