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Impacts of dialogue projects

Sciencewise evaluation work has always included research to identify evidence of the impacts of the public dialogue projects it funds. We recognise that, although most projects have some immediate impacts, especially on the public participants and others most closely involved, the longer term impacts on policy and on organisational learning and change may only emerge after months and years. In addition to the immediate impacts identified in the independent project evaluation reports, Sciencewise therefore follows up and reports on project impacts in a number of ways:

•   We regularly monitor information on project impacts, and produce monthly reports on any new developments as a result of projects and other programme activities. The new Impacts pages of this website reports on all those findings.

•  We regularly revisit all the projects we co-fund, to identify the longer term impacts.

The analysis and presentation of the findings of this evaluation research is available in various forms:

•    A table covering the impacts of the first nine public dialogue projects completed by Sciencewise is provided as an annex to the first full evaluation report, published in 2011. A cross-project analysis of the findings on the longer term impacts of these projects is included in the full evaluation report published in 2011.

•    A table covering the impacts of a further nine projects is provided as an annex to the second Sciencewise programme evaluation, published in 2013. A cross-project analysis of impacts is included in the full evaluation report published in 2013.

In 2015, we produced summaries tracing the impacts of five more recent projects. The projects covered are:
•   Shale gas dialogue
•   Mitochondrial donation
•   Radioactive waste
•   Synthetic biology
•   Cambrian Mountains