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How to do public dialogue

Every public dialogue project is different in topic focus, purpose, scale, budget and place in the policy cycle (from upstream to implementation and evaluation). Sciencewise has developed a series of guidance notes and tools to provide initial briefing, and a comprehensive support structure to provide one-to-one support where appropriate.

  • The Sciencewise Guiding Principles provide the overall framework for thinking about and planning public dialogue to inform policy involving science and technology.
  • The Sciencewise public dialogue project guidance notes provide an introduction to gaining funding and support from Sciencewise for a public dialogue project.
  • We also offer a suite of flexible and innovative tools to gain rapid public input.
  • We provide specific guidance on the use of digital engagement methods in support of face-to-face engagement.
  • The Sciencewise thought leadership series provides a more in depth exploration of some of the key issues behind good practice in planning and delivering public dialogue.

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