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Finding an evaluator

Every public dialogue project co-funded by Sciencewise is required to have an  independent evaluation. Around 10% of project budget is allocated to this. These evaluations are usually contracted and managed by the body commissioning the public dialogue project; commissioning bodies are government departments and other public bodies. Sciencewise provides advice and support on these independent evaluations.

For some years, these bodies have been asking Sciencewise for guidance on contractors that could be invited to tender for these evaluations.

To provide that guidance, Sciencewise has developed a list of evaluators that can be invited to tender for this work. This list is made available to government departments and other public bodies leading public dialogue projects co-funded by Sciencewise. This list is now being published as other bodies have also asked permission to use the list; each evaluator listed has confirmed that they are willing to have their details published. The list is updated on a regular basis.

There are relatively few experienced and knowledgeable evaluators of the highly specialised area of work that is public dialogue and SBS UK has confirmed that this list can be used alongside formal framework agreements, or where there are no relevant framework agreements at all. SBS UK manages all procurement for the Sciencewise parent department (BIS), and for some other Government bodies, and have used the list themselves.

Inclusion on the list is open to all who meet three basic criteria, and all those on the list have met these criteria:

•    Relevant experience of evaluating national public and/or stakeholder dialogue, or other participatory activities (i.e. completed evaluations with published reports)

•    Willingness to be invited to tender for public dialogue evaluations

•    Willingness to be included on the list and to provide the basic information required.

Inclusion on the list means that evaluators has met these three criteria.

Inclusion on the list does NOT imply recommendation by Sciencewise, does not guarantee evaluation contracts or invitations to tender for evaluators, and does not mean that there are not other, equally qualified and experienced, evaluators available.

For more information, contact Diane Warburton, Sciencewise Evaluation Manager: To apply to join the list, please complete the proforma provided, and email it to Diane Warburton.