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Environment Agency blog praises recent GDA public dialogue

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The new insights from the recent Environment Agency dialogue on the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) of new nuclear power stations were summarised in a blog by the Environment Agency on the GCS Civil Service blog (by Caroline Richard, Environment Agency, 3 December 2015).

The blog describes the project and its work with the public in workshops, a research survey, input from the Oversight Group and staff input. It introduces the project as follows:

"As the nuclear industry takes forward its plans for new nuclear power stations, we’ve been looking for new ways to reach out and understand what our customers and communities need to know about our work and how they want to be involved in the decisions we make."

It continues:

"It’s this new insight that’s going to help us plan future communications and engagement around our regulation of nuclear new build ... I found the dialogue project very useful, in addition to the other evaluation, insight and market research that we do."

The blog summarises the Sciencewise role as follows:

"Sciencewise projects help the public discuss complex and controversial issues relating to science and technology."

See related project page: New nuclear power stations – reviewing how to engage with members of the public in reactor design assessments (known as the Generic Design Assessment or GDA)