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Engaging the public for better policy workshop

Sciencewise is delighted to announce that it will be running a workshop session on ‘Engaging the Public for better policy’ at Civil Service Live 2014 on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 July at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London. (Stand 98)


Register for Sciencewise coaching sessionwith dialogue expert

Come and see us on stand 98, we will be offering coaching sessions with our dialogue expert, Alison Crowther. Delegates will be able to book a 20-minute slot on the day but if you want to pre-book a slot, please email with your preferred time slot for either Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16 July. This coaching session is around public and stakeholder participation and is flexible to policy maker needs.

The coaching session may be particularly useful to those who are currently thinking about new policies, which may throw up scientific or social complexity, ethical or value laden issues. The coaching session could explore one or more of the following:

•    Working out whether your issue is suitable for public dialogue
•    Thinking through risks and advantages of different methods e.g. dialogue, research etc.
•    Thinking through relevant stakeholders to involve
•    How to approach stakeholders who may not like the current or potential policy
•    Demonstrating transparency within a dialogue process
•    How to create and manage an effective oversight group
•    Making use of the different services of Sciencewise.

Engaging the public for better policy workshop

The overarching vision for this years show is to create a series of learning events to enable civil servants working in government departments and agencies, and private sector organisations to collaborate, share ideas and develop methods to make best practice the norm.

In response to the vision, Sciencewise, the BIS funded national expert resource centre on public dialogue, will by run a workshop session in London on the 15 and 16 July, ‘Engaging the Public for better policy’. It will provide policy makers with real life experiences of engaging with the public as part of the policy making process. By highlighting the benefits, and the challenges, it will help policy makers to assess the need for engagement with the public in their policy areas, and will show the help that is available from Sciencewise. The workshop will stimulate discussion on the role of the public in open policy making, and will discuss how policy makers can broaden the evidence base and rise to the open policy making challenge for the 21st Century.

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