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Energy 2050 Pathways dialogue feeds into development and launch of Global Calculator

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The Energy 2050 Pathways dialogue project, run by DECC with young people and community leaders, completed in 2011, focused partly on the testing and development of the DECC 2050 Calculator into a more accessible My2050 tool. The connections between the initial 2050 calculator and the My2050 tool are summarised in the History of the Calculator webpages ( This history points out that "Over 17,000 people have submitted pathways using this site, giving a unique insight into public opinion on the energy transition."

The webpage continues that "Since then, around 20 countries, regions and territories have adopted a similar approach and have built or are building their own calculators to help inform policy and increase public understanding of energy issues. In 2012, DECC received funding from the International Climate Fund to support 10 developing countries to build calculators using locally based team, as well as to build the Global Calculator."

The SDRN newsletter, 3 February 2015, reported the development of "A new interactive online tool shows that cutting carbon emissions to limit global temperatures to 2oC rise can be achieved while improving living standards. The Global Calculator, led by DECC and co-funded by Climate KIC, was built in collaboration with ten leading international organisations from the US, China, India and Europe to model the world's energy, land, food and climate systems."

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