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Economic value of progress on mitochondria replacement following public dialogue

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The process of approving the clinical use of mitochondria replacement for the first time included a major consultation run by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). At the request of the BIS Minister, that included a public dialogue led by HFEA and co-funded by Sciencewise. Public support (subject to conditions identified in the dialogue) was a core element in the process that enabled the clinical use of mitochondria replacement to proceed.

The dialogue, which fed into the resulting formal advice from HFEA to Government, was completed in March 2013 and draft regulations were expected to be laid before Parliament (following further consultation) in mid-2014. The regulations were finally laid before Parliament on 17 December 2014.

The regulations include a draft impact assessment which states that the monetary benefit of implementing the regulations is estimated to be £318 million over 10 years.

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