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Dialogue project videos

Videos have been produced in conjunction with a number of Sciencewise dialogue projects. Where these are part of the materials prepared for the public dialogue, they are included under “Resources” on the project page. The videos on this page present a number of perspectives.

*Please note that not all of these videos were produced by Sciencewise.

Nature Improvement Areas

Introduction to Nature Improvement Areas (56sec)

Views in a Landscape - Nature Improvement Areas (15min 32sec)



A brief summary of the dialogue with views of participants and specialists. Video 1 is (2min 20sec) features highlights from Video two (8min 41sec), the full length edit of the dialogue video.



Synthetic Biology

Views of public participants and specialists. (3min 02sec)


The Big Energy Shift

Overview of the dialogue and views of participants specialists and policy makers.(3min 30sec)


Low Carbon Communities Challenge

Views of communities, researchers and policy makers on the low carbon communities challenge – produced for the project launch. (6min 17sec)


Animals Containing Human Material

Views of participants at a workshop presenting the dialogue results at the British Science Festival, 2010. (4min 20sec)


Citizens Advisory Forum for Living with Environmental Change

Overview of the dialogue and views of participants and specialists. (5min 18sec)