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Dialogue on outputs from a workshop on Science, Policy-making and Public Dialogue: New and emerging issues in the UK

Sciencewise funded project 2013


Sciencewise is working with a wide range of Government Departments in identifying emerging policy areas involving science and technology where dialogue with the public offers the benefits of better policy.

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Impacts & Value

There was a high degree of agreement among participants from all three workshops about the issues that were both most important for the UK government and priorities for public involvement.

The priority issues were:
•   Feeding a larger and more wealthy global population.

•   The rising cost of high quality health and medical care.

•   Keeping the lights on whilst reducing carbon emissions.

•   Meeting the UK’s long-term skills requirements.

•   Machines to make decisions and carry out tasks.

Project Status

Case study published - February 2015

Research article on outcomes from dialogue workshop in March 2013.

Dialogue report published in July 2013.

27 March 2013. Horizon scanning workshop organised by CSaP.

Dialogue workshops held in spring 2013 (April & May).

What the public said

“To me this is one of the most important things – the rising cost of health. [In the future] people won’t have the same access to healthcare, it will depend on your money.”
“Anything that takes pressure off non-renewable resources, has to be the most important thing.”
“If satellites can identify somewhere that’s at risk of flooding, you can build defences.”

Delivered By

The lead Department is the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Ipsos MORI
A leading UK research company is the dialogue deliverer.

Cardiff University
Cardiff University School of Social Sciences is the project evaluator.