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Bioenergy dialogue recognised in new European catalogue of innovative public engagement

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The Bioenergy dialogue, completed in 2013, has been chosen by the EU Public Engagement Innovations for Horizon 2020 project (PE2020) as an example of "new endeavours of engaging the public and helped reinvigorate the field at large".

The new catalogue focuses on "innovative and cutting edge practices" including methodological novelty, inclusive new ways of representation, feasibility and potential impact. The Bioenergy dialogue is one of only four purely UK projects among the 38 cases chosen.

The aims of the dialogue are described - to explore the public views on bioenergy, and consider those views in the strategy and policy development in bioenergy, and to pilot a novel approach to public dialogue. The case study summarises that "the project demonstrated that a distributed approach to dialogue is feasible and it produced useful findings about public views around bioenergy, which have reassured BBSRC about the direction the organisation is taking in terms of supporting bioenergy research".

The PE2020 project started in February 2014 (continuing until 2017) with the aim of identifying, analysing and refining innovative public engagement (PE) tools and instruments for dynamic governance in the field of Science in Society across the EU.

The PE2020 Consortium is "analysing tools and instruments through a systemic and contextual perspective, and contributing to the potential and transferability of new governance innovations". The rationale for this project is that "New tools and instruments for public and societal engagement are necessary to boost the quality, capacity and legitimacy of European STI governance and to solve the looming problems related to the grand societal challenges of Horizon 2020." (

The full report, Public Engagement Initiatives - Catalogue of PE Initiatives, D.1.2, is available for download at

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