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Aims and objectives

The aim of Sciencewise is to support policy makers to commission and use excellent public dialogue as an integral part of policy making. This will help to ensure that all future policy involving science, technology and innovation is informed by public concerns and aspirations and based on all the available evidence.

For Sciencewise, we are aiming to help those involved in policy so that:

  • Policies are evidence-based and informed by an understanding of attitudes and behaviours from the public.
  • There is an increased awareness and understanding by policy makers of the value and role of public dialogue.
  • Public dialogue experience and expertise is embedded within public bodies with responsibility for policy which involves science and technology.
  • There is recognition of Sciencewise as a value-for-money centre of excellence in providing resources to the wider public sector and as a leader in shaping best practice in deliberative public dialogue.

Sciencewise has established a wealth of evidence on the value of public dialogue in policy involving science and technology. Our aim is to ensure that this expertise is available across Government and its agencies ensuring best practice in the commissioning and implementation of dialogue.

Our help is available to all. We work across all Government Departments and Agencies.