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40 senior academics praise mitochondrial replacement dialogue

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On 30 January 2015, in the debates leading up to parliamentary debates on the legislative changes and regulations allowing mitochondrial replacement, a letter from 40 senior academics was published in The Guardian.

The academics called for the law to be changed to allow mitochondrial replacement. The letter praised the consultation, supported by Sciencewise as "exemplary and internationally admired". It also praised the dialogue as part of good regulation to enable "medical science to advance in step with wider society". Emphasis added to quotes below"

"Since 2007, the UK has run an exemplary and internationally admired process for considering benefits, risks, ethical issues and public consent, which must properly precede a change in the law. This has revealed broad public, ethical and scientific support for approving mitochondrial donation, so that the fertility regulator can license clinical use when there is sufficient evidence it is safe enough to proceed.

"As experts in this field, we consider the UK’s system for regulating advances in reproductive medicine to be among the world’s best. This benefits patients, science and society, by enabling medical progress with appropriate consideration of risk and public opinion. We therefore hope that parliament will approve the government’s proposed regulations for mitochondrial donation. A positive vote would not only allow affected families to choose to use this new procedure under the care of the globally respected Newcastle team, with proper advice and safeguards; it would also be an international demonstration of how good regulation helps medical science to advance in step with wider society."

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