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Digital public engagement: lessons from the Sounding Board

Last week Sciencewise ran its first pilot of the Sounding Board, an online discussion panel of 20-24 people feeding into a complex science and technology issue. The Sounding Board is intended to streamline engagement and provide a responsive and cost-effective tool for policy makers who are seeking early and rapid public input into their policy decisions. Read our latest blog for reflections on the first session.


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Sciencewise provides dialogue support to policy makers across government and works through the British Science Association to engage the public.

Latest Impacts - top 5

Sciencewise continuously evaluates all its activities. We monitor and report on the impacts of the individual public dialogue projects and the programme as a whole. The latest impacts of Sciencewise projects include:

1. UK policy on leap seconds

2. Wellbeing policy in three departments

3. Radioactive waste disposal policy

4. Mitochondrial donation

5. Public engagement in shale gas development

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